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NBAA’s Reimbursement of Flight Expenses for Owner-Pilots Handbook shows you how to gain the maximum Federal reimbursement cost benefit from your airplane. Comprehensive and easy-to-use, this FREE NBAA Handbook is a one-stop guide to saving money and time.

  • Single-Source Guide to Federal Reimbursement Regulations.
  • Easy-To-Use, Accurate and Up-To-Date.
  • Latest FAR Regulations and Guidelines for Commercial and Private Owner-Pilots.
  • Sections Detailing Compensation, Reimbursement by Employer, Sharing of Flight Expenses, Charitable Flights and More.
  • Quick-Reference Reimbursement Summary Table.
FREE NBAA Handbook for Reimbursement of Flight Expenses

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FREE Handbook: NBAA's Reimbursement of Flight Expenses for Owner-Pilots

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